A Good Society

October 1, 2015

A Good Society


 Please find attached a poster giving information about an event which will take place at the Cathedral on Saturday 31st October.

This is being organised by the Diocesan Church in Society Group and is based on the Good Society Report which has been published by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

Why the “Good Society”

“Within both faith and wider communities, there is a growing awareness that to create the just and sustainable society we really want we need to work towards a positive vision.

Our starting point is a vision of the Good Society we want to see and how we can work together to make it happen.  We all have a stake in building a Good Society, and all our opinions matter equally.  We want to identify the values underpinning a Good Society, and what we can do as communities, churches and individuals to put these values into practice.

The starting point for a Good Society is ensuring that everyone is included. It’s particularly important that we listen to those whose voices are rarely heard.”

( Source material produced by CTBI.)

The event will take the form of a conversation between several invited guests followed by small group discussions reflecting on what has been said and sharing experiences of good practice and particular issues people want to raise.  We have invited representatives from a wide range of community groups as well as church and faith groups.

It would be helpful if people could phone or email to book a place by 19th October, for catering purposes.


Val Dunford

Convener Diocesan Church in Society group