Cathedral News

June 4, 2017

Welcome to the E-News for June 2017

It is shaping up to be a busy month with events at the Cathedral along with the tourist season in Inverness which continues to be boosted by many more cruise ships arriving in Invergordon and then visiting the City.


Running at the moment is the ‘My Ark for Nature’ Art Exhibition which is well worth a visit. The exhibition is free to enter and Jonathon Sainsbury, the artist is in residence and can be see working and also available to talk about his painting and his inspiration. As well as the pictures there are pictures and cards available to purchase. 10% of all proceeds will be donated to the work of the Cathedral. (Running from 2nd-7th June 2017)

On Tuesday 6th June, we welcome the Watoto Choir from Uganda (they will be in Inverness from Monday 5th until 8th June) for their two concerts. The lunchtime concert is SOLD OUT, there are still  FREE tickets available for the evening performance at 7pm. Tickets can be obtained here
A thank you to all those who are helping out with the choir and their visit from helping with food and hospitality and with hosting the children in your homes.

On Friday 9th June in the evening at 7pm there is a concert Fundraising Concert for Friendly Access with local musicians performing, the programme includes Graham and Alison Mackenzie on fiddle and piano.

On Saturday 10th June at 8pm, Mahler in Miniature tickets available from Leakey’s Bookshop or on the door on the evening.

On Friday 16th June, Musick Fyne- The Glory of Venice will be performing their concert series at the Cathedral starting at 8pm. Tickets are £10 per person and 50% of the proceeds go towards the work of the Cathedral.

Inverness Quilting Society will be holding an Exhibition in the Cathedral from23rd- 25th June.

On Wednesday 28th June at 1pm the Georgia Boys Choir will perform a lunchtime concert. Free admission.

In amongst these events there are also a number of weddings. Please do keep those who come to be married this summer in prayer.


As with any building and church organisation the help of volunteers is a vitally important part of the efficient running and organisation of all the events that take place. We have a number of dedicated volunteers, but there is always space for more. If everyone does a little bit, as the advert says ‘Every Little Helps’; we have spaces for people to come and to be welcomers for the many visitors who come through the cathedral doors during the week as part of their holiday. Only last Tuesday there were 40 coaches stopping outside the cathedral and nearly all visit the Cathedral- that’s around 2220 visitors in one day! There are always the welcome leaflets (in eight different languages) to fold as well as being there to welcome.
The Cafe and the Shop are always on the look out for more volunteers as the season becomes increasingly busy. The increase in business this season has been phenomenal so far and look set to increase.


This is a major part of the mission and outreach of the cathedral. Meeting people at the times of their lives when and where they need.
The LIBRARY is being well used and many people use this not only to borrow books through the week but to simply sit and read and to contemplate.
BAGS OF HOPE, on average we are supplying 2 bags of people to women who need then each week. Thank you to those who provide both bags and the contents for the bags, please do remember that you can donate soap, shampoo, sanitary products etc. at any time.
EVERYDAY HOPE, this is a fund which is available to help those who might be in need to something many of us take for granted, for example providing a bed to family who were either sharing a bed or using the floor or sofa as a sleeping place- yes this really is a reality in our city. We work in conjunction with New Start and is all confidential. If you know of someone who could do with this kind of Everyday help then do let me know, or if you would like to make a contribution to this fund then please place your offering in a separate envelope marked for this purpose.


There are services each and every day of the week the whole year around. Please see the attached weekly notice sheet for details of this week’s services.
Cathedral Notices – 4th June 2017 Pentecost.pdf


The Cathedral Office in Kenneth Street is open on a Thursday morning from 10am -1pm, at all other times you can reach someone on 01463 225553 or email either invernesscathedraloffice@gmail (checked weekly on Thursdays) or

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