90 Years Young

April 15, 2015

The Provincial Director of Ordinands was in the Diocese, she was meeting with some of those who feel called to ministry and she was staying at Bishop’s House so that we could have a chance to talk about the issues that face us here in the Highlands. Canon Alison then went back to more meetings in Inverness on the Tuesday before she headed south, tired but I hope also happy with her time among us.

That evening I drove over to Nairn and picked up Dean Alison and we then drove over to Gordon Chapel, Fochabers to join the vestry for a meeting looking at the requirements for repairs to the priest’s accommodation. We had a good and open meeting and as ever the drive gave Alison and I time to mull over some of the issues of the Diocese.

The week continued with the celebration of the Annunciation and a number of pre Holy Week meetings regarding the worship of the week. By Friday I was ready to relax and therefore it gave us great pleasure to drive over to Kirkhill and to attend the surprise engagement party for Gigi and Adam. Gigi has been a part of our lives for a long time now, she and her sisters were members of the Diocesan Youth Network and all attended the summer camps at Glenalmond. We had a really good evening and I was even persuaded onto the dance floor for a shuffle.

The following day was a very special day for our family, it was my Mothers 90th birthday.   Before we began that celebration I welcomed the Mothers Union to the Diocesan Service and to their AGM. We had a lovely service during which Catherine Green was welcomed as the new Diocesan President. I then made my excuses and left so that I could help Jane prepare for the arrival of the family, the birthday party was at our house and we all had a good time. I am sure that Mother did as well; she certainly never stopped talking to us all.