Bishop Mark: a response to President Trump’s ban on refugees

February 3, 2017

In an article from the Press and Journal, today 3rd February, Bishop Mark speaks out against the ban on refugees by President Trump and his administration.

I have waited for a few days before commenting on the travel ban imposed by President Trump. I have waited in hope that the pressure of international political outrage and the protests in the USA itself would have encouraged the president to reconsider. That hope seems to be in vain.
I was brought up to consider USA as a nation that welcomed the outcasts of the nations, the Scots and Irish, Eastern Europeans and refugees from the war-torn communities of the world. I often wished we had a Statue of Liberty reminding us all of the lead given by the USA in providing an example of welcome to the world. That makes what is happening all the harder to bear.
At a moment in history when the pain and horror we see on the faces of Syrian refugees, the fear on the streets of the Yemen, when whole communities face destruction as we saw with the Yazidis in Northern Iraq, this is the time when the world needs the bright light of lady liberty at the entrance to New York.
What we have is a policy that forces the people of the USA to turn their back on people from these communities because they are of the same faith as those who have been persecuting them. This is not the response I would expect from a Christian, it is not what Jesus would have us do. I pray that this decision will be overturned and that the land of liberty may take the lead in welcoming the most needy again.

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