Caithness Again

June 26, 2015

This was a week  when I was preparing to meet with the officers etc of the Diocese, I try hard to keep up with everyone but just occasionally I need to set aside time for a catch up. So this week I met with the Dean, the Synod Clerk, The Treasurer, The Diocesan Secretary, The Registrar and a group of local clergy. I also had a meeting with one of our ordinands, a meeting of the cathedral vestry and afternoon tea at the Highland Hospice.

Friday was the day that Inverness was remembering the end of the War in Europe in1945. I was expected at the Old High Church to lead the prayers and so I set off to walk as this was a sunny afternoon!! The Old High is across the river and in the heart of the old town and today there were a lot of visitors around who are clearly not used to seeing a bishop striding along the street in his cassock , I was the subject of a number of photographs and as usual when so visible, a number of conversations . After returning to the Cathedral along the riverside I was joined by a small congregation to sing Evensong before the Cathedral Bells rang a Quarter Peal for the VE day commemoration. All done and Jane and myself loaded the car and set off for the long drive to Thurso and the beginning of the spring visitation to Caithness.


On Saturday we walked around Thurso and drove along the coast towards John o’ Groats before setting out for a lovely walk at Holburn Head above Scrabster.  On the walk you pass a blow hole a sea stack and some stunning cliffs all with great views of the island of Hoy.  Luckily the weather was still smiling on us. In the evening we picked up Rev Wendy and drove over to Raey to enjoy the hospitality of the Gregory’s.

On Sunday I celebrated and preached at both St Peter and the Holy Rood Thurso and St John’s, Wick. Lunch in Wick gave me a chance to chat to the congregation ad hear a about the new Thurso Distillery at Wolfsburn. In the afternoon I had a meeting with Rev Wendy before Jane and I had a quiet dinner at the Station Hotel.

We came home via Betty Hill, calling at the small Presbyterian Church at Syre and exploring some of the sites marked on the Clearances Trail in StrathNaver, we met a number of people and got back to Bishop’s House late in the evening, a good visitation and as usual much to think about.