July 29, 2015


The next meeting of the Diocesan Church in Society Group will be at 7pm on  Tuesday 1st September at the St. Duthac Centre Arpafeelie.   All are welcome.   

So, what is Church in Society? We are a small group who meet regularly under the auspices of the Bishop, the Diocesan Mission and Ministry Board and linked to the Provincial Church in Society group. We have spent time talking about our remit and feel that the following is an appropriate summary:

“We see our role as creating opportunities to talk about issues that people face in their daily lives, to listen to each other and to the voices of those “on the edge” and those outside the church, in order to confront injustice and ensure all are valued as Children of God.”

We have been particularly concerned about issues of poverty, globally, nationally and locally and organised an event in October 2013 called “Poverty in the Highlands”. We support Fairtrade and some of us have been involved in local foodbanks.

In the past year we have focussed on the question “What makes a good society”?, based on the report by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, which was presented at our Provincial Synod in June 2014. We are planning an event on Saturday 31st October at the Cathedral entitled “ A Good Society – How can we build it together?” Please note this date in your diary. Further details to follow.

Our meetings are normally held at the St. Duthac Cenre in Arpafeelie and are always lively, focussing on issues which we see as important, enabling us to reveal God’s love in the world.   Our next meeting is on Tuesday 1st September at the St. Duthac Centre Arpafeelie at 7pm.   All are welcome.

For further information contact Val Dunford (covener) on:   valandpip@reiskmore.freeserve.co.uk