Gordounstoun School Confirmation Service

February 2, 2018

All are warmly invited to join Gourdonstoun School Confirmation Service at St Christopher’s Chapel on Thursday 8th February 2018 at 7pm.

Bishop Mark Strange will be presiding, with Rev Jenny Adams in attendance. The following students will be affirming their baptism vows at the confirmation service:

  • Loris Pattinson (RS – y13)
  • Ann Ulveling (W – y12)
  • Sofia Chapa Jimenez Millas (P – y12)
  • Antonia Schoen (P – y12)
  • Hamish Thorpe (RS – y12)
  • Benjamin Schonken (B – y11)
  • Lorenz Bosse (D– y10)

For more details please contact the school chaplain on chaplain@gordonstoun.org.uk