Cathedral Music Lists

Choral Music October- December 2017


1st October, Pentecost 17

11.00am Choral Eucharist

Communion service in A minor                                             Darke

Thou visitest the earth                                                            Greene


17.30 Choral Evensong

 Responses – Ayleward

Psalms – 120, 121 Ousley, Monk

Canticles – Noble in B minor

Anthem –  The heavens are telling: Haydn


 8th October, Pentecost 18

11.00am Choral Eucharist

 Communion service in Eb (no Kyrie)                                     Bairstow

Lead me, Lord                                                                               S.S. Wesley


15th October, Pentecost 19

11.00am Choral Eucharist

 Communion service in F                                                         Harris

O taste and see                                                                          Vaughan Williams


22nd October, Pentecost 20

11.00am Choral Eucharist

 Communion service in C                                                                 Phillips

King of Glory                                                                                      Bach arr. Harris


29th October, Pentecost 21

11.00am Choral Eucharist


Communion service in C                                                                    Ireland

Praise the Lord, O my soul                                                                 Child


5th November, Pentecost 22

 11.00am Choral Eucharist

Missa brevis in C (K259)                                                                      Mozart

God is our hope and strength                                                              J.S. Bach


17.30  Choral Evensong


Responses – Smith

Psalm 145 (1-12) – Walmisley

Canticles – Dyson in D

Anthem – Justorum animae: Byrd


12th November, Remembrance Sunday 

 11.00am Choral Eucharist

Communion service in F                                                                  Darke

Greater Love                                                                                       Ireland


19th November, Pentecost 24

11.00am Choral Eucharist

 Communion service in Ab                                                                  Harwood

One thing have I desired of the Lord                                                  Tocher


 26th November, Christ the King

11.00am Choral Eucharist

 Missa brevis in D minor K65                                                             Mozart

A song of peace and hymn after a song of peace                             Stanford


Thursday 30th November

19.30 Mass for Feast of St. Andrew

 Scottish Church Society setting                                                          McPhee

Give us the wings of faith                                                                     Bullock


3rd December, Advent Sunday

11.00am Choral Eucharist

 Missa tempore quadragesimae                                                          M. Haydn

O thou the Central Orb                                                                         Wood