Maundy Thursday at the Cathedral

March 23, 2016

The day will begin in St Andrew’s Chapel at 0815 as Morning Prayer is said, this is followed by The Eucharist at 0830.

At 1015 in the Lady Chapel, Deacon Peter will lead a service of Word and Holy Communion from the  Reserved Sacrament.

Evening Prayer will be said at 1700 in the Lady Chapel

The Sung Eucharist for Maundy Thursday will begin at 1930 and this will be celebrated at the Nave Altar, the choir will be singing  Communion Service in F, by Harris                        and the Anthem Ave Verum Corpus by Byrd. At the end of the service the Sacrament will be processed to the St Andrews Altar and left there for the Vigil. The Cathedral will then be stripped of all it’s hangings and ornaments and silence will descend.

The vigil will last until midnight and during it at 2200 Compline will be said.