End of Life Assistance

The Art of Dying Well

In 2013 the Doctrine Committee of the Scottish Episcopal Church produced ‘The Art of Dying Well’ the ninth addition to the series of Grosvenor Essays (a series of publications which explore issues relevant to Christianity in the modern world) The Art of Dying Well discusses mortality and the religious and philosophical teachings which enable people to live life with freedom, and to leave it in peace.

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End of Life Assistance Responses

Comment from the Most Rev David Chillingworth, Bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld & Dunblane and Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

“The College of Bishops made a submission in May 2010 on the issues raised by the End of Life Assistance [Scotland] Bill.

The submission recognises the differing views which are held among members of our Church. It draws on resolutions of the Lambeth Conference 1998 and contributions on this subject from theArchbishop of Canterbury.

The view of the Bishops is that they would be reluctant to see moves to enshrine the right to die through assisted suicide formally enshrined in legislation. However they draw attention to the underlying meaning of ‘euthanasia’ as ‘dying well.’ The Church is committed to supporting the hospice movement and to compassionate care of those who face debilitating illnesses which erode human dignity and well-being”

College of Bishops submission to End of Life Assistance Bill 2010

Response from Faith & Order Board and Doctrine Committee to The Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill 2012

Life is a Gift From God

A reflection  by the Most Rev David Chillingworth broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland’s Thought for The Day programme.

Life is a Gift from God