October Arrives

November 29, 2014






Detail from West Window in the cathedral

The first week of October was the beginning of a new phase in both my ministry and the life of the Diocese, for I was to begin integrating my ministry with that of the Cathedral. With the support of the Cathedral Vestry, the Cathedral Chapter and those who advise me on my ministry and vocation, It has been decided that the office of Provost should sit with me for a while. That has meant a change in my own pattern of life and a more fixed worship and prayer life for this itinerant.

The first thing I therefore got on with was discovering how the cathedral works, I met with many people, I looked in cupboards and drawers and studied the minutes and records of the cathedral, I also had a joyful time fitting it all around a daily pattern of worship which wasn’t created to suit me but was fixed by statute.

Mind you amidst all this delving I still found time to chair a vestry meeting in Aberlour , Commission Rev Kathy Collins at Strathnairn and join Aberlour House Prep school for Friday prayers, the balance between Inverness and the everywhere else still needs to be maintained. The evening at Strathnairn was great, a very happy and joyful welcome to the Highlands for Kathy.

So on Sunday I led all the services in the Cathedral as I explained what I thought might happen for the foreseeable future, I was a bit anxious but everyone seemed content and so the new pattern begins.