Reflection on Holy Week

April 6, 2015

This was my eighth Holy Week and Easter as Bishop of Moray, Ross and Caithness and it was the first occasion that I have been able to spent this important time in the Mother Church of the Diocese. This year I was to spend the whole week at the Cathedral and this is very brief a reflection on that week.

From the first Eucharist of Palm Sunday until the end of Our Easter Songs of Praise I have been aware of a wonderful feeling of fellowship. During this time we have shared in thirty services, we have had an Art Exhibition in the Lady Chapel, an activity day in the Nave and a Concert of Sacred Music. The cathedral has welcomed Ecumenical guests, the clergy of the diocese and many, many visitors, candles have been lit, prayers said and so much music sung and all of this shared with so many.

I personally want to thank my colleagues at the Cathedral, the clergy who came and preached, celebrated and prayed, the many members of the Cathedral family who gave so much time and offered such care to our visitors, it was good to have shared the ministry with so many . The fellowship was enhanced by the warmth of the people around me, no service was unattended, not the Offices, the Eucharist’s or the special events. All this culminated in a wonderful outpouring of joy yesterday morning as the cathedral echoed to the cry, “He is risen indeed Alleluia”