Roofing Work Begins

January 15, 2016

On Monday the scaffolders arrived and began to build a very tall tower of steel all the way to the top of the North Western Tower, the long awaited repairs to the Cathedral have begun.

This work will see the roof of each tower replaced, stone work repaired and a new stair to replace the rotten one at the top of the bell tower. The lead work and linings of the high level guttering will be replaced on the nave, transepts and apse and the damaged roof slates replaced.

This work will stop the ingress of water into both the building and into the sandstone itself. Those who have stood in the Cathedral during rain, seeing the water running down the walls and the rain splashing on the floors will understand the urgency.

The building work is costing £250 000 and that is a figure which sounds scary but the congregation recognise that saving money for a rainy day is a bit daft when it is already pouring in.

If you would like to contribute to this part of the Cathedral renovations or to prepare for the next phase then please contact the Cathedral.