Sunday and Monday in Quebec

July 10, 2015

On Sunday we all gathered at the Cathedral and were made so welcome, members of the congregation came to speak to us as we settled into the box pews, we met friends old and new and Christian, the Dean led us in worship. After the service we lunched at Bishopthorpe and then headed out with Guy for a guided tour of Quebec city. In the evening we watched one of the productions that Aidan Strange has been working on during his year in Quebec.

2015-07-06 10.29.14

Monday and we were up and off early to visit the Citadel of Quebec, we had a guided tour and then watched the changing of the guard, including the regimental mascot, a goat called Baptiste. We then visited a museum which charted the history of the battles around the Plains of Abraham, by now the heat was too much for us Scots so we hid under a tree and ate lunch. Ian one of our Canadian friends actually hid in the tree and got stuck!

We discovered that Abraham Martin for whom the Plains are named now runs a bus tour ( at 275years old) and is still quite agile!!! The bus trip gave us an alternative view of the battle very interesting but Hannah fell asleep.

We then split up, +Mark went off for a meeting, Jamie headed into Quebec to play the Cathedral organ while the rest of us headed down 368 stairs to an open air swimming pool down on the banks of the St Laurence. We all got sunburnt and waddled back up the steps and back to Bishopthorpe for dinner. Once again we said night prayer in the bishop’s chapel.2015-07-06 16.16.43