Diocesan Officers

Deliverence Ministry

There is a priest in the Diocese who is experienced and has had some training in dealing with the paranormal and in offering deliverance ministry.
Their role is to offer guidance and to walk alongside other priests or lay people offering pastoral help to someone who presents with symptoms or experiences that are deemed to be ‘paranormal’ such as poltergeist phenomena, haunted places, psychic phenomena or possession states, for example.
In cases where the person affected is not connected with a church congregation and asks for help directly through the Diocesan Office they tries to put the person in touch with pastoral help near at hand.
Since there is often confusion between the medical, psychiatric and spiritual dimensions of a case he seeks to work in conjunction with other professionals to make sure that the person affected is receiving the most appropriate help.

Further Information

If you would like to discuss matters with him, please email or phone the Diocesan Office, who will pass your enquiry onto the priest who deals with this.