Vocation Resources

Resources for the Selection and Discernment Process

On this page you will find links to:

  • an outline of the discernment process in the Scottish Episcopal Church
  • summaries of the criteria for selection for ordained ministry in the Scottish Episcopal Church
  • forms and other written work that need to be completed during the discernment process
  • suggestions for further reading
  • links to useful sites.

Download a copy of the Selection Process here:

The selection criteria for Authorised Public Ministry in the Scottish Episcopal Church can be found below:



Diocesan Directors of Ordinands (DDOs)

General Resources

Related Resources avaliable from the General Synod Office.

Truly Called by God to Serve as Deacon: The report of the Bishops Working Group on Distinctive Diaconate

Exploring your vocation

Read our overview on exploring your vocation, and different forms of service to the Church.

  • After Sunday is a charity that seeks to link worship and daily life. The ‘Exploring vocation’ page offers material that could be used by an individual or as a group course.
  • After Sunday’s ‘Vocation in practice’ page looks at how vocation can be lived our in daily life.
  • A resource from the Church Pastoral Aid Society that offers resource sheets covering Biblical background to vocation, particular aspects of calling, the discernment process etc.
  • The SHAPE course from the Church Pastoral Aid Society is designed to help vocational enquirers (especially younger ones) discover their gifts and aptitudes.
  • The Christian Pastoral Aid Society website as a whole is well worth a look
    e.g. Resource Sheet 17 ‘Fostering Vocations
  • Questionnaires that can be used as a tool for vocational discernment in the Church.
  • The main Church of England site for ordained ministry provides further resources, forms used for Bishops’ Advisory Panels in England etc.
  • There is a booklet on the Anglican vocation to religious life
  • Guidelines to Authorised Ministries, Lay Reader and Ordained Ministry in the Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway.
  • Diocesan Directors of Ordinands (DDOs) may also download the Church of England’s DDO Handbook

Vocations Sunday

Read our overview on Vocations Sunday, which includes links to sample prayers, sermon topics etc.

  • The Church of England site for Vocations Sunday, with a large number of sermon outlines, texts, articles, suggestions for discussion and worship, including ideas and material for all-age worship.
  • The Church of Scotland site for Vocations Sunday, which they observe on the second Sunday of Advent. There are sermon reflections for the texts for that day, general prayers and substantial worship material on the theme of vocation, meditations and hymn suggestions.
  • A large number of weblinks to resources related to the Lectionary texts for each Sunday: Bible commentary, sermons, discussions, full liturgies and prayers, art and media, children’s resources and music.

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