Youth Events

October 22, 2019
The attached list show all upcoming youth events happening within our diocese. If you are interested in attending any of these events or joining our youth group please contact the office and we will put you in touch with Ley-Anne our Youth Co-ordinator.
Our Diocesan Youth Group have created something which they would like to share.
It is The Youth Prayer. This has come from some work they did on what their Prayer priorities are and focuses on what they would like to pray for every time we come together. In a similar vein to the Lords Prayer/The Grace, we will now say this prayer in our youth worships and whenever we gather for an event/youth group.
The Youth Prayer
As we gather, we recognise and welcome God in this space,
We pray for everyone who is our family, by blood or by heart and are grateful for all that they do for us.
We pray for all those who are poor and homeless and everyone facing adversity and inequality,
We pray that your people will spread awareness and take action to protect our world,
And Lord we pray that our church family continues to grow closer in unity and love.